Expert Landscape Design & Planning

Before you begin designing your landscape, let us help you create a well-thought-out plan that will stand the test of time.Lichtenberg Landscaping creates customized designs that are tailored to fit your specific needs and the conditions on your site. We listen to what you want and then we employ the know-how to deliver it!

Site Analysis Starts the Process

Your landscape design begins with a site analysis by our seasoned professionals, who will look at a number of issues.
  • Sun orientation
  • Shade requirements
  • Drainage issues
  • Topographical concerns and other site elements
Once the survey is complete, we will develop a practical plan that fits your site at the same time it complements your home and surroundings.

No Two Plans Look the Same 

We take a good helping of your dreams and aspirations and then mix them with our experienced designs and vision to create a plan that maximizes the potential of your site.

You will get a beautiful, picturesque result because we get things done the first time with a plan that works!

    Galleries Help You Build Your Dreams

    Peruse our galleries and borrow any ideas you want! One of the secrets of creative design is to pull various elements together and to then synthesize them into an exciting, new whole.

    Our portfolio

    Put over 30 years of experience  
    in the landscaping industry to work on your property.


    Guarantee on Plants

    blueprints of landscape design
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